Karla + Thomas = C60 StarKarla + Thomas = C60Star

We have always been passionate about nature, health, wholesome food and sustainable living.

We moved to the small town of Yelm in the Pacific Northwest from Germany and Switzerland in 2001. Although our 40 acres of land were purchased in 1992 as part of our forward-looking plan, settling down in the area took place 9 years later.

Since then, we have lived off the grid with solar panels, a small wind turbine and a back-up generator producing our electricity.

We have learned many useful skills making it possible to feasibly achieve our desired self-sustained lifestyle. This includes animal husbandry (goats, chickens, ducks, and rabbits, besides having a dog and cats), gardening, gathering wild plants for food and healing, beekeeping, as well as making cheese, soaps, candles, kombucha, kefir, healing salves, tinctures and much more. 

After working as landscapers for several years, beekeeping became a sustainable local business after the massive die–offs in 2006 and 2007 hit the headlines. We expanded our apiary to produce honey and pollen for the market and offered a ‘beekeeper for hire service’, enabling busy wannabe beekeepers to have their own bee hives, but contracting us to do the associated work (refer www.bee4ever.com for more details).

Our delicious, raw honey and bee pollen can be found at our local Yelm Food Coop as well as at the Yelm Farmer’s Market (June through October). 

We have extensively shared our knowledge and experiences with our local community through classes and workshops covering beekeeping and many aspects of homesteading (formerly called Karla’s Wildshop).

We have always had our fingers on the pulse of alternative healing and rejuvenation, so finding out about Carbon 60 (C60) was no surprise. We researched it and tried C60 oils from various sources with quite different results. Our desire to know what we are taking and to have the highest quality possible brought us on the road to produce it for ourselves.

We combined the skills from our professional lives in Europe to form a new business branch under Bee Forever, which has now been rebranded as C60Star

Karla has worked as a psychiatric clinic social worker in Germany and was involved in starting and maintaining a homeopathic clinic and school over several years. She also owned and operated natural sleeping furniture stores and several wool retail stores.

Thomas studied chemistry at the University in Bern, Switzerland, specializing in the synthesis of hydrocarbons earning his PhD in organic chemistry 1985. Towards graduation his interest shifted to environmental chemistry and he pursued it with a post-doctorate at the EPA research lab in Athens, Georgia.

After several years serving as study director in the environmental department at Ciba-Geigy in Basel, Switzerland, he founded his own LLC and became a contractor for the Swiss Agency of Environmental Protection supporting the Swiss government in implementing and maintaining OECD guidelines for Good Laboratory Practice in the chemical Industries of Switzerland. 

We have been producing our own C60 product line since 2017 offering it in Olive Oil, Avocado Oil and Sunflower Oil. Now, we are excited to grow our business online after experiencing numerous enthusiastic testimonies about the beneficial effects of our C60Star products. Our small production has been expanding quickly in order to serve the demand of our local, yet international, community but also to fulfill requests from all over the world.