What Customers Say About C60 Star Products

"Not knowing what Carbon 60 was, I researched as many links and testimonials as I could find. Even the naysayers were of interest in my quest for accurate information.  However, science prevailed and upon hearing that Thomas and Karla were in production for research use, I could not wait to be part of this historical discovery by a 1996 Nobel winner in chemistry.

Always keen to recapture the activity level of my youth, my habits have always been stringent by most standards… meaning, there is no sugar, no coffee, gluten or much processed foods in my diet.  I rarely consume restaurant foods and take no medications or pharmaceuticals of any kind.

As such, I enjoy great health (retired) except for the fact that I used a cell phone continuously as a realtor for 6 years on my right ear quitting in 2008.  Since, my outer ear would seriously ache if I were between a wireless headset on a speaker and the receiver. Most of it subsided until just recently. Having been in a classroom of 25 wireless computers for two consecutive days just before my first purchase of C60 from Bee4ever, I was immersed in wifi frequencies for 7 hours each Thursday and Friday. Pain had set in Friday. I took my first dosage of C60 on that following Saturday morning continuing for the past 8 days.

Not only have I not had any recurrence of pain since but my energy level is that of my youth!  I workout often - at least 2 times a week in high impact cardio Zumba classes for years. With just 4 days of taking about a teaspoonful daily increasing to 2 teaspoonfuls on the 3rd day, I felt no exhaustion after the latest workout (5th day of C60) and was ready for more fun after class.  I have never felt this good in years! I even mowed my entire lawn which I have never done myself in one day! And yes, I'll say again, I am of retired age.

I noticed that I was wanting more sleep for the first 3 days.  This I knew was due to internal detoxing that was occurring upon the second day.  After 5 days, my working hours were more than energized and sleeping hours were heavenly deep.  My body is estatic. Carbon 60 is a true gift that I am sharing with my family and friends! Health is wealth.

Thank you C60 Star!"



"We have had great success using drops of C60 on a wet q-tip on precancerous skin lesions. After using this product for only 3 months, our skin seems more youthful."

Tom & Sue


"The Bee4ever.com C60 is in a class of it's own.  My experience has been that the frequency of this product is much higher than the other brands that I had tried in the past.  Right out of the gate, the first day that I started the Bee4ever product, I had amazing lucid dreams that first night.   

As far as changes in my body, I had two teeth in the lower front of my mouth that had cavities and extreme gum loss.  I have spent many months doing the oil pulling with coconut oil and had tremendously reduced the cavities, but the gum recession remained.  In thirty days of using the Bee4ever.com C60, my gum line in front of those two teeth has completely grown back to a normal level.and the overall health of my gums has vastly improved.

I can't wait to see how my overall health improves with further use of the Bee4ever C60.

Thanks again!"

Alison B.

[Editor's Note: Bee4ever.com C60 is now rebranded as C60Star. Same product, new name!]


"I have been using C60 Star olive oil for over a year and have much more energy than I used to have. Due to shoulder pain I didn't have a restful sleep for many months. Already after 3 day taking C60 Star I was able to sleep through at night. I have also experienced more clarity of my mind and feel more relaxed in situations, which usually had brought me to my limits.

Also my eye sight has significantly improved; I am taking now approximately 1 tbsp in the morning."



"For as long as I have known Thomas and Karla they have contributed a great deal to the well-being of our community, always with great integrity. So I knew their C60 would be top quality. The results have been wonderful, first with my old dog who was having trouble jumping up into our truck. Within one or two days he leaped up like a young pup!

The C60 has gotten rid of my own aches and pains (nearly seven decades' wear and tear); and surprise, my gums have grown back! I feel these are signs that unseen healing and rejuvenation is happening throughout my body."

Jeannie I.


"I LOVE C60!

After a few months of daily use, I have greater clarity of mind. My brain is definitely brighter and quicker. I have energy. If needed, I take a second dose around 2PM to have sustained, bright, happy energy into the evening. My eyesight has improved and my eyes are clearer and brighter. Overall feeling of well-being and optimism.

This is GEAT STUFF!"



I am a older woman who had a devastating illness a few years ago. I have healed from that but I remaineds very tired. I began taking C60 in December 2017. The effects were subtle at first, but as time went on I began to notice I had a much greater energy. I gave some to my sister and in a couple of months she began to feel exactly the same gentle increase in energy. I highly recommen this product. I have been taking C60 in Sunflower oil.

Nancy Breidenthal