What is in the C60Star products?

C60Star products contain solvent free C60 at 99.95% or 99.99% purity from reputable producers in the US or Canada, dissolved in a high-quality vegetable oil to assure best monomolecular absorption in the body.

Currently our organic oils are Olive oil (from Greece), Sunflower oil, and Black Seed oil. We also offer C60 in certified GMO free Avocado oil.

How much C60Star should I take?

Based on many people’s experiences we recommend starting with 3 droppers or ¼ to ½ teaspoon per day. Please note that a dropper filled with oil empties itself to about half of the full volume. So the three droppers mentioned above are only half filled.

In times of increased physical activity one can easily increase to one tablespoon per day for enhanced performance and shorter recovery. The higher dose is also recommended for people with severe health challenges.

Some people report good effects with other schedules, like taking 2oz in a one day period once a week, or starting with a higher amount (1 to 2 tablespoons) for about two weeks to saturate the body and then reduce to a “maintenance” dose of 3 droppers or ½ teaspoon. However, starting with a high dose might initiate detox effects which may negatively affect your wellbeing.

Please understand that in the rat study designed to find the chronic toxicity level no overdosing could be detected.

No rat died after taking huge amounts of C60, the opposite happened. They continued to live a healthy and frisky life and almost doubled their life span.

When and how should I take C60Star?

Preferably in the morning with food which creates hydrogen in the gut (apple, berries, kefir…) Hydrogen is used by C60 to neutralize free radicals. 
Please understand that the great results in the famous rat studies  have been achieved without any dietary support.

Some people cannot sleep when they take C60 later during the day or in the evening. But there are also testimonials that people can sleep especially well when taken C60 in the evening. Find out what works best for you.

People who had challenging tasks to perform reported great benefit by taking C60 in small amounts several times during the day.

How does C60Star benefit my physical performance?

There have been reports that C60 helps supporting the physical stamina. It also helps after workouts and physical exhaustion to recover much faster than without C60.

Should I give C60Star to my kids?

It is up to the parents to make this decision. Although kids are not suffering from ageing processes in their bodies, our polluted environment does expose them to free radicals and oxidative stress from an early age on. 

Can I give C60Star to my pets?

Great results have been reported with pets given C60 (mostly dogs, also cats and horses). Especially older pets with signs of arthritis and loss of vitality start running and jumping like being young again.

It is recommended to start with a low dose of about 1 dropper full per 50 lbs of body weight mixed in the pet’s food. Smaller pets start with a few drops per day.

How long does C60 stay in my body?

It is stated that C60 remains in the body up to 10 days before it gets eliminated. However, during these 10 days C60 is not being used up by neutralizing free radicals, as opposed to other antioxidants. It acts more like a catalyst which makes it such a powerful radical scavenger while present in the body. 

Can I take C60Star when I am pregnant?

There has been no known research yet about how C60 affects the body during pregnancy. Our personal take on it is that everything that might cause detox effects should not be used during pregnancy. This is the time where you want to nourish yourself and your growing baby and anything which could potentially detox you, should have been done prior to pregnancy or has to wait till after birth.