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Beware of Fraudulant C60 Products. Learn how to find out for yourselves what is fake and what is not.

1) READ the label and don't be fooled by the name of a product.

For example, there is a product on the market with the trade name Carbon-60(TM). However, the ingredients listed are: Organic sunflower oil, Carbon. It does NOT say it contains C60. Why buy it then?

2) If the label does NOT say how much C60 (of a specific purity like 99.99% or 99.95%) is dissolved in the oil you receive in a bottle, don't buy it. Every producer handling pure, real C60 knows how much is in the bottle. A missing statement suggests that the producer does NOT know what he/she is putting into the bottle. Not trustworthy!

3) If the label reads C60 Hardwood Charcoal, or Charcoal Detox, the product most likely contains normal charcoal that may have a tiny percentage of C60 in it. Every incineration process produces C60, even in a burned wick of a candle. However, the usual amount is insignificantly small and not worthy to be isolated and purified. C60 in high purity is produced from an arc between high purity graphite rods in an inert gas (Helium) atmosphere followed by time consuming and expensive purification process.

4) If the label has not turned you down yet, fill the dropper with the C60 oil or pour a bit on a spoon. If the oil is black and you cannot see through, it does NOT contain C60 in a significant amount.

The oil solution should be TRANSPARENT, meaning you can see through the solution, and have a purple color for Sunflower and Avocado oil, or amber color for Olive oil.

In the picture below, compare the black heterogeneous Sunflower oil with NO C60 in it (from Carbon-60(TM), right) with our purple transparent C60Star Sunflower product (left).

Always remember:

The rats that lived almost double the normal lifespan in the famous lab study did NOT get C60 Hardwood Charcoal, nor did they get a black heterogeneous oil. They received a transparent amber solution of high purity C60 (99.98%) dissolved in olive oil.

Do not loose the bigger picture: if someone claims to have found a new way to produce C60 and presents a product with vastly different physical characteristics than real C60 from reputable producers which have been in the market for decades (and have supplied researchers all over the world), then this person has to demonstrate and PROOF that it is C60 he/she has. If no such proof is given (See here for ways to proof chemical structure) don't trust it. You might end up paying unnecessarily a lot of money for a placebo effect or a normal charcoal detox effect. 

Choose C60Star instead!